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  • Hi, I'm writing here cuz it could be a little bit longer, so here we go.

    In our Tradecenter a user (you) creates a Topic and writes what he wants to trade and search. After that other user can come and write like: hey, I got want your looking for, I would like to have Ditto No 3. You can say something like: Would be glad, show me some details or something and if you both are interested in trading, you write him a private message or entry on his wall like I do now, where you can find a time to trade, swap your trade codes an so on.

    Hopefully you'll understand me, my englisch is not the best haha. GL on your search :)

    • Thank you, you explained that perfectly, and your english is perfect as well (infinitely better than my german too). I was wondering why I hadn't seen any trade codes in the discussions, and I guess that part is done privately.

      I also edited my post to include the location of the ditto catches (that one raid den where they all come from). I just added it to the the part where I said that I caught them myself, right above the list of dittos.

      Also another quick question: In english, when I edit a post, I do it like so:

      edit: [whatever I needed to add]

      What is the german word for "edit:", in this context?

    • haha thx, your german is quiet good too. :D

      Perfect, thank you! Didnt found the word for location and I was like: where the hell can I find this word, haha. Gladly you understand what I mean, so it's fine.

      You can take the word Edit, in german someone uses the word "editieren" as a verb of "to edit something". :D

    • I'm glad it seems like I can speak german. I definitely cannot haha. It's just google helping me out.

      And thanks for all your help today!

    • No problem, I'm happy when I can help! :)

    • Hello Willi, your English is really bad and not the yellow from the egg so please hide in a corner from now on. I would be very grateful and happy because my own English is really just perfect. Bye